We are 3 different friends loving fashion, styling, food, photography and films. Creating new things with new people is our passion. We love to change the rules and are always free in mind. The nature is our inspiration and colours are making us happy.

Elvin Odabasi Pekiyi – Fashion Stylist
A woman who loves laughing but who is also very serious when she is shopping for her clients.
A combine professional, a superwoman of combining different colours. She is very open for every style and knows which style fits to you and to your body. Stars are her sign.

Aylin Cifci – Graphic Designer and Photographer
A photographer who believes in life in space and dreams about crazy things and wants to be a meteor.
She has the eye for the perfect frame and can find your own world in photos. Lovely, simple and different is her aim of photography. Dreaming is her hobby.

Kadir Söylemez – Videographer
A man who has a calm hand and eye. You can find his soul in his films. Theater is his inspiration. So you can see yourself as an actor – because he transforms you into one.
He is mixing the ideas of Elvin and Aylin and discovers a different scene.

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